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About The Franchise

Multan Sultans is a cricket franchise that competes in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), widely regarded as one of the top leagues in the world. Multan Sultans is owned by Janoobi Cricket (Pvt.) Limited since 2019 after successfully bidding for the ownership rights of the franchise.

Mission Statement:

With a history of working towards social development and having strong roots in the region of South Punjab, the owners of Multan Sultans see the franchise as an opportunity to further enhance their efforts in giving back to the region.

The introduction of Multan Sultans in PSL brought about a sense of pride to the people of the region and the franchise aims to create a brand that the people of South Punjab can take direct ownership of.


Owner & Managing Director

Alamgir Khan Tareen

Mr. Alamgir Khan Tareen has established a name for himself as a leading businessman in South Punjab. Mr. Tareen is the Managing Director of Shamim and Company (Pvt) Ltd, which is the official bottler and franchise of PepsiCo for South Punjab and has been at the helm of the affairs since 1990. Additionally, Mr. Tareen operates one of the largest water purification plants in the country.

Mr. Tareen did his bachelors from the University of California at Berkeley and later completed his Masters degree from the prestigious Yale University. A sports enthusiast who is a keen believer of the role sports plays in community upliftment, Mr. Tareen wants to work towards establishing a solid platform for aspiring sportsmen and women and to provide them with the best possible resources to further develop their skills. Mr. Tareen is also the driving force behind the data-based approach that the franchise follows.


Ali Khan Tareen

Mr. Ali Khan Tareen is the owner and director of multiple businesses with strong roots in South Punjab. Mr. Tareen and his family currently operate the largest sugar operations in the country as well as the largest corporate farm in Pakistan. In addition to a formidable business portfolio, Mr. Tareen is well known for his philanthropy and is actively involved in community building projects in the region. At present, under the banner of Tareen Education Foundation, he has adopted 86 government schools in South Punjab and provides financial and operational support to these schools. Mr. Tareen also runs one of the largest NGOs in Pakistan, Grassroots Pakistan. Grassroots Pakistan operates all over the country on projects pertaining to clean drinking water, sanitation and women empowerment and is the preferred partner of UNICEF, Plan International and other such organizations.